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Videos: MadTV 'Ecstasy Ad' (parody of Zoloft ads.)

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An interesting example of how drugs are portrayed by popular culture, this 'advertisement' uses the visual style of a heavily played Zoloft ad (an antidepressant.)  Of particular note, they repeatedly (and incorrectly) suggest that 'ecstasy' has substantial hallucinogenic/psychedelic properties (the 'user' trying to talk to trees, etc.)  While such hallucinations are conceivable, they are not a normal effect of MDMA.  Such notions are probably the result of a cultural memory of similar claims being made of LSD (with only mildly greater justification; I'm sure somebody has talked to a tree while on LSD, but it's certainly not the norm.)

Copyright status: © MadTV 2003, believed to be 'fair use.'