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Want to help a bad idea grow?

• Tell somebody about the site!

• Unusual and interesting photos and videos of young people (ravers, etc.) that you hold the copyright to.

• Links to this site!

• Writers. Got something to say? Unsolicited contributions can be used in the Noise column of the front page, or if you have a topic-specific opinion or story to tell it could be incorporated into other parts of the site. If I use something you've writen, the 'payment' offered is author credit (your name or pseudonym) linked to a web site/page of your choice.

• Good ideas. Something cross your mind that you think would go well on this site?

• Feedback! Is a section too boring, too technical, just too confusing? Is there something you want to know about or think I should add? Complaints about spelling and grammar welcome.



To contribute, well, just go nuts. If you have a good photo or just want to say something, drop me a line....

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