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Videos: "Can't get you out of my head" by Kylie Minogue

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     As you watch the video, pay particular attention to the use of light, contrast, color, and movement. An exaggerated sense of contrast and color saturation is common while under the influence of MDMA, as is the overall brightness/overexposure.  In one sequence the singer is literally glowing (surrounded by a halo of light).  This effect occurs when looking at lights while on MDMA, but there's also often a less literal 'perceived' glow when looking at people; a sense of special focus, significance, and connection.  Movement in the video is often jerky, disconnected, and yet 'fits'; the sudden changes of angle and position are somehow still made to seem fluid and natural (the video's reality is quite different from our normal perceptions, but maintains its own internal logic.)   Although the settings of the video are mostly very unnatural, they are all non-threatening (strange, but in a sort of cheerful fairy-land way.)  In the last sequence, notice how even the buildings are actively taking part in the central character's experience, consistent with the sense of purpose, interconnection (and perhaps, outright mania) associated with the MDMA high.  Throughout the video there is a sense of joy in movement.

     Of course, a music video can't truly capture the feeling of a drug experience, but this one comes surprisingly close in my mind.    It bears noting that the singer herself denies having taken MDMA ('ecstasy').  That may or may not be the case, but based on the eerily MDMA-like feel to the video itself, it seems rather certain to me that the director has indulged.

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