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Video: Ecstasy Rising. 203 MB DiVX, 43 minutes. One of Peter Jennings' last journalistic endeavors before succumbing to lung cancer, this landmark news report finally publicly exposed the long trail of junk science that led to MDMA's demonization and criminalization. This is a must-see video for anybody even slightly curious about MDMA or the drug war, containing interviews with the legendary pharmacologist Alexander Shulgin (who is credited with the rediscovery of MDMA), Michael Clegg (who named the drug 'ecstasy' and brought it to the masses), Rick Doblin (the head of MAPS, the group spearheading current research into MDMA's use in therapy), Alan Leshner (former head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse) and many more interesting and important figures in the history of MDMA.

Copyright status: © 2004, ABC News.  Originally broadcast on 4/1/04. This usage is believed to be "fair use."  What is fair use? What makes this fair use?


Audio: LSD: A Documentary Report. 51 MB .zip file containing two MP3s (total running time: 44 min) and high resolution scans of the album cover/liner notes. This is a fascinating forty year-old documentary on the culture surrounding LSD. It was originally released as a vinyl record, but was recently converted into MP3 format by "shortfatsteve" who owns an original copy of this rare gem.  The audio quality is superb, and the content is fascinating, including interviews with major figures of the day such as the controversial Timothy Leary.

Copyright status: © Columbia Records, 1966. Believed to be fair use of a historically significant recording with no residual value to the copyright holder.


Video: LSD being tested on British Soldiers. 14.3 MB .mpg. A classic (and humorous) clip from experiments to explore the potential value of LSD as a non-lethal incapacitating weapon. Inquiries into LSD's potential as a weapon took a much darker turn in the US in the form of the infamous MK-ULTRA project, which drugged unsuspecting Americans with LSD to study their reactions. One victim of this program committed suicide.

Copyright status: Believed to be public domain.


Drugs in popular culture:




Video: MadTV Ecstasy parody ad, 1 min, 3.9 MB.  An interesting example of how drugs are portrayed by popular culture, this 'advertisement' uses the visual style of a heavily played Zoloft ad (an antidepressant.)  Of particular note, they repeatedly (and incorrectly) suggest that 'ecstasy' has substantial hallucinogenic/psychedelic properties (the 'user' trying to talk to trees, etc.)  While such hallucinations are conceivable, they are not a normal effect of MDMA.  Such notions are probably the result of a cultural memory of similar claims being made of LSD (with only mildly greater justification; I'm sure somebody has talked to a tree while high, but it's certainly not the norm.)

Copyright status: © MadTV 2003, believed to be 'fair use.'


Video: "Can't get you out of my head" by Kylie Minogue, 4 min, 17.3 MB. What does an MDMA high feel like?   This video comes very close to capturing the aesthetic of the experience, providing an intriguing example of how drug experiences may influence art (particularly music.)

Copyright status: ©Parlophone 2001(?), believed to be 'fair use'.


Video: LSD: Trip or Trap? 18 min, 96 MB. "LSD is the most dangerous of all illegal drugs!" A rather creepy propaganda film made by the Inglewood, California police department in the sixties, with parallels to modern day anti-drug claims and ads. Bob and Chuck were best friends. Until one day Chuck was seduced by evil LSD pushers, and now he's dead! Self-mutilations, insanity, genetic damage, cancer, and premature aging (oh my!) (They even have gruesome pictures of deformed babies to 'prove' it.)

Copyright status: Believed to be public domain.


Video: Salvia Tripping. 26 MB .avi. A surprisingly funny video of an obviously intense first-time Salvia divinorum trip sent in by a reader. Salvia is an herb native to southern Mexico. It contains an extremely potent hallucinogenic drug (Salvinorin A), causing short-lived but potentially overwhelming 'trips'. For more information, visit Erowid.

Copyright status: Uncopyrighted, used with permission.




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