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'A thing of Sound and Fury, signifying nothing.'


We Love Japan! (And will burn in hell for it...) (10/17/06)

      The internet was largely built by horny single men, and I don't just mean computer engineers.   Porn was the original foundation of e-commerce.  Porn drove the spread of high-speed connections.  Porn made the internet worth having in the early days, before anybody had heard of an mp3. But, in case digital files aren't quite meeting your solo love demands anymore, there are now options like....this:

    Quick quiz:   What is it?  If you said "a $7,000 soft silicone-rubber sex toy that happens to look like a 12-year old girl", you win!  This marvel of psyche-scarring craftsmanship comes to us courtesy of the good folks at a company called "Orient Industry" in Japan, a nation beloved by Americans for their ability to make us seem almost normal.

     This disturbing toy line stands about 4'7" and is pretty much anatomically correct.  The manufacturer was reportedly originally in the medical prosthetics business, and they've apparently done a very good job of capturing the 'look and (ahem) feel' of human flesh.

    After getting over the inevitable "WTF" factor, I have to admit that they're kind of eerily beautiful.  It's not quite as inspiring as Van Gogh's Starry Night, but the Museum of Modern Art just might object if you want to march your little soldier across their famed canvasses.