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'A thing of Sound and Fury, signifying nothing.'


Official Web Site of the US Government (6/6/05)

      I recently stumbled upon something odd:  A college professor claiming that this site was 'deceptive' because of its domain name. As evidence, they offered an account of several college students who had apparently cited information from this site as being from the "Drug Enforcement Agency."

     To which I can only respond...the hell? Apparently some students (in college, no less!) now believe that the government sponsors web sites featuring glassy-eyed ravers, advice on how to best have fun on drugs, and rants calling for the overthrow of current government drug policy.

      I can only hope that this is simply a case of students trying to toss together reports without actually looking at their sources for more than two minutes.  (In case anybody is wondering, the domain name was inspired by an old drug-culture joke:  The Drug Enjoying Americans. Maybe not terribly funny, but hardly intended to deceive anybody.)

     So much for the American public education system.

"I used to get high on life...until I realized it was cut with morons."   -(source unknown)