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Government Statistics: People Who Don't Use 'Ecstasy' More Likely To Become Violent Criminals! (1/12/06)

    ...because you can't stab somebody if you're holding a glowstick? Reporting in the journal Substance Use and Misuse, researchers discovered that young men who didn't use 'ecstasy' in the past year were 36% more likely to have been arrested for a crime than those who had used the drug. Among those who had been arrested, those without a history of 'ecstasy' use were 42% more likely to have committed assault, 58% more likely to have committed robbery, and 67% more likely to have committed burglary.

     On the other hand, those with a past-year history of 'ecstasy' use were more likely to have supplied drugs to other people.  So, if your next door neighbor is a raver, they're less likely to kill you in your sleep, less likely to steal your stereo, and more likely to hook you up.

     The cause of this difference is unclear. It's possible that MDMA, with its capacity to produce introspection and emotional growth, actually reduces an individual's inclination to commit violent crimes. On the other hand, it's also possible that the use of 'ecstasy' simply hasn't spread as far within the demographic groups that are at the greatest risk of committing violent crimes. The full story probably involves both factors.

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