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Drug Enforcement Agency Sets New Record For Efficacy: 1% (1/2/06)

     Over at the other DEA, they hoisted champagne this New Year's in celebration of their most successful year yet of hunting down drug-trade profits.  According to Administrator Karen Tandy in remarks on C-SPAN, "up to" $1.9 billion in drugs, cash, cars, etc. were seized over the past year, representing about 3% of the total annual wealth produced by the US drug trade.  (The most recent White House estimate I can find puts the total trade at about $65 billion a year.)  When only drug seizures were counted, the total haul for the year was $477 million; well below 1% of the entire drug market.  Tandy hailed this record level of seizures as proof that the drug war was working.

     Roaring success is all a matter of perspective, it seems.  1% effective.  You just can't make these things up.  If the Emperor has any clothes on, it's no more than a G-string.