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     Ecstasy (MDMA) is one of the safest recreational drugs, but that's not to say it's completely safe. This section deals with ways people can be injured and killed while using MDMA, and how to avoid becoming next year's statistic.

Statistics: Rates of use, death, and emergency room visits in the US.

Mental Health: Emotional problems, aftereffects of overindulgence, and personality profiles of users.

Heatstroke: The top cause of death and serious injury in MDMA users is heatstroke, usually associated with prolonged dancing.

Hyponatremia: Everything is dangerous at high doses; even water. Some users have drunk themselves to death out of fear of heatstroke.

Neurotoxicity: The heart of many a debate. Are MDMA users going to be brain-damaged? The whole strange saga...and the answer to the question.

Addiction: Is it addictive? In some cases, yes. Discusses the nature of addiction, treatment, and relative addictive power of MDMA vs. other drugs.

Other Issues: Your immune system, liver, heart and more.